BlockFi Logo

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BlockFi is a financial organization, founded in New York, 2017.  The main feature of BlockFi is that they manage their operations using cryptocurrency. They provide bank services, such as money lending against Bitcoin and other currencies. They’re also accepting deposits of cryptocurrencies which pay interest for depositor. This is one of the first cryptocurrency organizations, which provide such services.

Meaning and history

2017 – today

BlockFi Logo

The BlockFi logotype depicts their name written in a strict black sans serif typeface with bold lines. Left side from the word, we can see the emblem of a rhomb with the inner art colored white and outer part painted blue.

Font and color

BlockFi Emblem

The font used for the name has typical sans serif letters. However, there is one feature of this script: the ’l’ character is shown not just a stick, but as a line with curling at the bottom. The color of the whole logotype can also vary depending on the background depending on its background or place where it’s located. You can find black inscription with blue and white rhomb, blue lettering with blue and dark blue emblem, etcetera.