BIK Logo


BIK is the name of a Polish company, specialized in credit and economics. The financial institution was founded in 1997, and by today has grown into a confident and reputable leader of the industry, partnering with such large banks as BNP Paribas, Millenium, Citi Bank, Bank Pekao, and many others.

Meaning and history

BIK is the number one Polish company providing all types of credit and economic information services. The company collects and provides information on how market participants fulfill their credit and financial obligations. The BIK Group works for the entire banking system in Poland, collaborating with the largest banks. It exchanges information between the banking sector representatives and entrepreneurs.

What is BIK?

BIK is the Polish credit and economic informational institution, which was established at the end of the 1990s and today is an essential part of the Polish banking system. The company gathers data on how private and corporate participants fulfill their financial obligations.

In terms of visual identity, BIK Group chooses to be simple yet bright and memorable. The logo of the financial institution hasn’t been changed for many years, and today is strongly associated with the professional banking system participant.

The 2000s – Today

BIK Logo

The BIK logo designed at the beginning of the 2000s is executed in the bright and intense blue and white color palette, which is commonly known as a symbol of professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. The badge is composed of two merged circles in solid blue (close to electric-blue), and a white uppercase logotype set over them.

The typeface of the BIK inscription is straight and sharp, with its sans-serif letters bold and stable, evoking a sense of confidence, strength, and responsibility. The straight lines and angles of the letters balance the softness of the blue badge, creating a full-fledged image for the company.