Blink 182 Logo

Blink 182 LogoWhile the oldest Blink 182 logo Is the one depicting a bunny, their second emblem, smiley face, is probably more popular.

Meaning and history

Blink 182 Logo history

The inaugural Blink 182 band logo was a result of collaboration between the band’s ex-drummer, Scott Raynor, and other musicians. In fact, they just took the bunny from Alice in Wonderland and drew it in a circle.

Old logo

Logo Blink 182
The second version of the bunny logo was introduced by Travis. Now, the picture had some street style in it. According to Tom DeLonge, their intention was to mix something from Japanese and street culture. “It’s still young and angsty,” DeLonge remarked.

New bunny symbol

symbol Blink 182
Unlike the Blink 182 old logo, the new generation of the Loserkids bunny looks more like a professional emblem. Moreover, it’s actually a two-in-one logo, as it comprises not only the bunny symbol but also the smiley logo. This time, the animal has a more pronounced anime style.

Smiley emblem

emblem Blink 182
Not long before the release of their next album, the band crafted a completely different logo, which was named a smiley face logo. It was originally supposed to be a Famous emblem, but eventually, the band members decided that it will be the symbol of their Untitled album.
There was an “X” for the eyes, like in Nirvana’s logo. One of the distinctive elements of the emblem was a set of five arrows on the left side of the circle. As Baker explained, this emblem originated at his clothing line, Famous Stars and Straps. He pointed out that his intention was to use a happy face as the basis for the logo and also put several arrows there, like on the logos of his favorite band The Jam.
After the hiatus of 2005-2009, the band modernized their smiley face symbol. Instead of the plain emblem, its chrome version was introduced. The number of arrows changed from five to six, which was supposed to represent a “new era of blink.”


The band has used various fonts for its albums. The debut album featured the band’s name in Times Bold. On the covers of the following albums, such fonts as Helvetica Bold Oblique, Trade Gothic, Futura Book, and Resurrection were used.


Color Blink 182 logo
The current version of the Smiley emblem features various shades of grey, white, and yellow to create a 3D effect on the black background. The color scheme of the Bunny symbol includes blue, red, black, orange, green, white, and grey. The choice seems to be quite natural for the objects depicted on the logo.