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Blink-182 is an American punk-rock-group founded in 1992 in a suburb of San Diego, California, the USA. In seven years the band reached its first success having released their first full-scale disk “Enema of the State”. And just two years later, in 2001 their new album reached the first line in the rock music rating in the USA, Canada and Germany. The band fell apart in 2005 when one its founders and soloist, Thomas DeLonge left the team and started a separate project, but re-united in February 2011 and in two years released its new album “Neighborhoods”. Although Delong left the band again in 2015, he was replaced by Matthew Skiba from Alkaline Trio; and Blink-182 is active till nowadays.

Meaning and history

Blink-182 Logo history

The logo of the band is very straightforward, it consists only of their name “Blink-182”. It was developed after the band received its current name. The thing is that from the outset their name had been «Duck Tape», but quite quickly the band was renamed as “Blink” that better fitted the style of their music. Nevertheless, an Irish band which had the same name, stated that they would force their American counterparts to drop the name in court. To avoid troubles, the San Diego group added the number 182 to its name.

Blink 182 logo

None of the musicians has ever explained the real meaning of that number. They usually say that it was chosen by random. There have been speculations that the number is composed of two parts, 18 and 2, which correspond to the ordinal numbers of the letters “r” and “b” in the English alphabet. These should lead to “Rancho Bernardo”, a community in the northern suburb of San Diego, the place of origin of the band musicians. Another version was suggested by Travis Barker, the drummer of the group, that “182” is the American military radio code meaning “murder”.

The image of the wordmark has been changed several times. One of the old versions was made up of two parts of an oval. The left half had a black background with the white letters “blink” while the right one, broader than the other, had a white background with black figures “182”.

Logo Blink-182

Lately, the logo has been modified. Now it has no border, by just the name “blink-182” in black handwritten letters on a white background. The graphics of the wordmark have been chosen in the style of graffiti, very close to the commercial font Strokes Rough. Anyhow, for the fans of the band, its logo is associated with their music with lyrics full of humour and optimism.

Logo Blink 182

The second version of the bunny logo was introduced by Travis. Now, the picture had some street style in it. According to Tom DeLonge, their intention was to mix something from Japanese and street culture. “It’s still young and angsty,” DeLonge remarked.

symbol Blink 182

emblem Blink 182


The band has used various fonts for its albums. The debut album featured the band’s name in Times Bold. On the covers of the following albums, such fonts as Helvetica Bold Oblique, Trade Gothic, Futura Book, and Resurrection were used.


Color Blink 182 logo

The current version of the Smiley emblem features various shades of grey, white, and yellow to create a 3D effect on the black background. The color scheme of the Bunny symbol includes blue, red, black, orange, green, white, and grey. The choice seems to be quite natural for the objects depicted on the logo.