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Kyocera is a Japanese brand of ceramics and electronics design and development company, famous for its solar power systems, the brand was founded in 1959. It’s creator, Kazuo Inamori named the brand “Kyoto Ceramics” after the city where it was established as a company specializing in fine ceramics.

Meaning and history

The Kyocera logo is a reflection of Japanese understanding of style and beauty. It is laconic, elegant and sophisticated. Clean bold lines of its typeface and geometric emblem make the logo modern and dynamic.

Logo Kyocera

The red and black color palette resembles of the brand’s heritage and history, it is a very Japanese combination of colors.

The emblem is contemporary and recognizable. It represents the company’s initials — letter “K” encircling a “C”. Sometimes the brand uses its statement “The New Value Frontier” for the logo, which is placed above the emblem.

Kyocera logo

The Kyocera brand is strong and original, high quality and lasers technologies — are the brands main values.

Font and Color

The Kyocera logotype uses both capital and lowercase letters in its composition. And this is one of the elements, making the visual identity of the company unique. Its sleek and futuristic sans-serif typeface with softened outer angles and straight sharp inner ones is pretty close to the Robofan Light font and has something in common with Massiva GrotesQ Light.

The black, red, and white color palette of the Kyocera logo represents the company at its best, pointing on professionalism and power, along with such qualities as loyalty, passion, and progressiveness. This combination looks strong and bright on almost any background and evokes a sense of style and strength.