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Blackburn Rovers Logo
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Blackburn Rovers is the name of a professional football club from England, which was established in 1875. The club is among the twelve founders of the English Football League. However, today Blackburn Rovers FC plays in the EFL league, which is one step below the English Premier League.

Meaning and history

Blackburn Rovers Logo history

Today Blackburn Rovers FC plays in the EFL, which is considered the second most important English soccer league. In recent years the team is not at all on the radar, and few people remember (and even fewer people can assume it) that the Rovers were three times champions of England, were one of the founding teams of the Football League in 1888, and the Premier League in 1992.

The team is nicknamed “Rovers”, which is popular among British clubs name, meaninga vagabond, or a wanderer. The team traditionally plays in white and blue uniforms with wide vertical stripes, which granted them another nickname — “The Blue and Whites”.

What is Blackburn Rovers?

Blackburn Rovers is an English professional football club from Lancashire. It was founded by an initiative group of wealthy citizens of Blackburn in 1875, and in 1888 became one of the 12 founding clubs of the Football League. It plays in the EFL.

Despite its really long history, Blackburn Rovers does not boast many redesigns, but it boasts consistency. The logo of the footballclub has not changed much since 1974, and the Latin motto “Arte et Labore”,which translates as “Skill and Labour”, has been depicted on the club logo since the 1960s. Originally the motto belonged to the local town assembly.

1875 — 1878

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1875 - 1878

The very first badge, used by the Blackburn Rovers football club in the 1870s, featured just one symbol, drawn in bright blue on a white background with no additional elements. That was a Maltese Cross, the symbol of the St. John Order. The cross was a tribute to the roots of the club’s founders, John Lewis and Arthur Constantine, as it was one of the official symbols of the school they attended.

1960 — 1974

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1960 - 1974

The logo used by the club from 1960 to 1974 was very ornate and elegant, composed of several interesting elements but not overloaded. It was the official coat of arms of the city of Blackburn, the motherland of the club. It was a green, white and black crest, enclosed into a gold frame with vignettes all over its perimeter. The green top of the crest depicted a white horn placed between two golden rhombuses, while on the white part the three bees were drawn, with two of them placed above the wide black wave, and the third one — under it. The badge was accompanied by an image of a dove, a symbol of Blackburn, placed above the crest, and the white ribbon with the Latin motto, underlining the logo.

1974 — 1989

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1974-1989

Another heraldic symbol became the logo of the Blackburn Rovers football club in 1974. It was a bright red Lancaster rose, accompanied by the “B. R. F. C.” Abbreviation written under it in the capitals of a strict geometric sans-serif font, in the same shade of red. The Lancaster’s rose is a symbol of Lancashire, the County where Blackburn city is located.

The 1990s

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1990

The prototype of today’s Blackburn Rovers badge was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s, and the red rose was still there, but redrawn in a new way. Now the red rose was depicted with its green stem and leaves on a white circle in a wide blue frame with an orange outline. The lettering, written around the perimeter of the frame, was also set in orange, which was quite difficult to read. The circular medallion was placed on a rectangular pedestal with the “Arte et Labore” motto written on it in orange capitals.

The 1990s — The 2000s

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1990s-2000s

The redesign at the end of the 1990s changed the color palette of the logo and slightly refined the contours of its elements. The frame of the white circle with the rose got bright blue, while the lettering turned yellow. As for the outline of the badge, it was now double — yellow and black, the same was the outline of the rectangular pedestal, with the Latin motto inscribed in it in the black capital letters of a medium-weight sans-serif.

The 2000s — Today

Blackburn Rovers Logo

The color palette remained the same, but the contours of the elements got cleaned up and strengthened in the middle of the 2000s. The lettering on the frame and rectangular banner is now readable and looks strong and confident. As for the rose, it got some more thin yellow strokes on its petals and leaves, which gives a sense of motion and makes the whole badge more vivid and delightful.

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