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Rosenberg is the name of a Norwegian football club, which was established in 1917. One of the strongest and most reputable Scandinavian clubs today has Age Hareide as the head coach and Iwar Koteng as the chairman.

Meaning and history

Rosenborg Logo history


Rosenborg Logo 1970
The 1970 logo depicts a wide rhombic shape, mostly colored in black but with a single white stripe in the middle. They’ve further outlined it in gold. Inside, there is an acronym that says ‘RBK’ in the same color as the frame. On its either side lay two halves of the year 1917, when the club was created.

1970 – 1980

Rosenborg Logo 1970
In the next version, they introduced a brighter yellow shade and reimagined the frame into 3 layers of gold, white and gold.

1980 – 1990

Rosenborg Logo 1980
The 1980 version is largely the same design, but turned black-and-white and with taller letters inside.

1990 – 2007

Rosenborg Logo 1990
In 1990, they made the rhomb yet wider, placed the letters closer together and made them smaller again.

2007 – Today

Rosenborg logo

The Rosenborg football club visual identity is definitely one of the most minimalist badges not only in Scandinavia but in Europe. It is strict and laconic from all sides — shape, graphics, and color palette. There is not even a wordmark in the club’s badge.

The Rosenborg logo is composed of a horizontally stretches rhombus in a black and white outline. The body of the badge is all black with a wide white stripe, placed vertically in the middle.

The “RBK” lettering is located in the center of the emblem, with the black “B” on white and white “R” and “K” on black background. The “1917” date mark in white is placed from both sides of the inscription, being separated from the letters by solid white dots.

Two massive dark gold five-pointed stars are placed above the rhombus to celebrate the club’s winnings. And this is the only colored element of the Rosenborg visual identity, which adds power and style to the whole image.