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CFR Cluj is the name of a Romanian football club, which was established in 1907. The strongest and most experienced team in the country today is owned by Marian Bagacean and managed by Dan Petrescu.

Meaning and history

CFR Cluj logo

The nickname of CFR Cluj is “The Railwaymen”, and the “CFR” part of the club’s official name is an abbreviation for “Caile Ferate Romane”, which means “Romanian Railways”. So no wonder, that the main symbol of the club’s emblem apart from the football, is an old-style locomotive, drawn in a very strong and sleek way.

The CFR Cluj logo is composed of a wide elegant shield with its sides arched from the center. The shield has a royal burgundy color and a thin black outline. Along the sides of the badge, there are two wide white lines placed vertically and is split into four small segments into their middle points.

The main part of the crest is given to a stylized locomotive, executed in white and black contours, with a massive white circular emblem on it. The circle contains the outlined burgundy “CFR” inscription set in the middle and executed in a traditional serif font with smooth curved lines.

Under the lettering, the “1907” wordmark is written in white on a burgundy background. The rest part of the wordmark is placed around the white circular framing and executed in black simple sans-serif.

The monochrome football in a white outline in placed above the circular emblem, in the very top part of the shield. As a crown, it shows the team’s purpose and celebrates sports.