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Bioderma is a French brand of cosmetic and skincare products, owned by NAOS. It’s an extensive brand that sells various hygiene solutions – chiefly for skincare. These remedies are designed and produced within high-tech laboratories in France, which ensures high quality and low health risk.

Meaning and History

The first of Bioderma products appeared in 1978. The company was founded in Southeastern France, close to Italy. The name means something close to ‘life-skin’, referring to the brand’s role as a major supplier of skincare products, and that all of these are extensively researched.

1978 – today

Bioderma Logo

Their logo depicts the company’s full name (as ‘Bioderma Laboratoire Dermatologique’) in two lines of text. The latter two words were accommodated into the bottom section of the logo, while about ¾ of it was given over to the big word ‘Bioderma’. The colors are usually black for all of these, and the font is an elegant, smooth style with small serifs.

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