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Caudalie is a French manufacturer of cosmetic solutions. A lot of these are various skincare products, including many facial remedies. Balms, crèmes, masks, oils and a variety of other products are all produced by this company. As they claim, these are natural and very safe – which basically means they don’t use harmful or synthetic components.

Meaning and History

The business was opened in 2001 in Bordeaux, France. It was originally a family business of the Thomas family, and it still is, to a large extent. The name refers to ‘caudalie’, a common unit of measurement for French wines, which basically tests the longevity of an aroma. Smell is one of the main parameters of these products, which is why they adopted this fancy name.

2001 – today

Caudalie Logo

Their long-time logo is the word ‘Caudalie’, written in uppercase letters of a smooth, elegant font with miniscule serifs. Besides the name itself, there’s also the word ‘Paris’ below the last couple of letters. Contrary to an elegant, tall style of the main word, this one uses a wider sans-serif style. The letters are much smaller, of course.

The coloring can switch between fully brown, dark green, black and white. It depends on the whims of the designer, as well as the color scheme around the wordmark.