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Bing Chat is a creation of Microsoft, introduced in 2023. A chatbot is a program with artificial intelligence that imitates a dialogue with a person and is set up to instantly answer a user’s question via messengers, websites, phones, or mobile apps.

Meaning and history

In February 2023, Microsoft unveiled a revamped Bing on the back of the success of ChatGPT, a chatbot. The company’s product from OpenAI can engage in a conscious dialogue with an interlocutor: remembering the context of the conversation, answering questions, giving advice, and explaining complex concepts. Depending on the task ChatGPT can become a co-author of a text, an interlocutor, or an assistant.

Bing, unlike ChatGPT, also uses data from searches. And therefore it is able to provide more relevant information. In addition, Bing recently knows how to find pictures and videos, which can also be very useful.

The chatbot understands queries in 100 languages, can answer questions, post article excerpts, generate creative content, and even change its personality. However, one of the main advantages of Bing is that this neural network is more relevant and can handle queries related to recent events.

If we talk about the history of chatbots in general, the oldest ancestor of modern chatbots is considered to be ELIZA, a virtual interlocutor created by Joseph Weitzenbaum in 1966. ELIZA received remarks from the user, paraphrased them, and created the illusion of dialogue. Thus, as its creator explained, the program made possible a dialogue between a computer and a person.

Up until the 2000s, such programs were a lot of experiments for engineering students, and no one perceived them as a useful products with a future. Everything changed when messengers came into life – ICQ, Skype, messenger. Thanks to their popularity, the fact that they are quite good entertainment automatic services came into view. New messengers such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger have appeared and gained popularity. This gave a good foundation for the development of chatbots. Today chatbots are widely used in different areas.

What is Bing Chat?
Bing Chat is a chatbot introduced by Microsoft in 2023. The Bing search engine with built-in AI not only displays a list of sites on the user’s request. It examines the links themselves, looks for additional information, and gives a detailed answer. Bing works on about the same technology as ChatGPT. Only it does not rely on the generation of any texts but on the search for information on the Internet.

In terms of visual identity, Bing Chat uses the modified version of the Bing search service, with a small graphical addition. The predecessor of the current emblem was first introduced by Microsoft in 2013 when the sharp stylized lowercase “B” was executed in yellow and placed on the left from the yellow sans-serif wordmark in a very modest and traditional font.

2023 – Today

Bing Chat Logo

The Bing Chat logo is composed of a stylized letter “B” in the lowercase, formed by a folded ribbon in gradient shades of neon blue, with softened ends. For the primary version, the Bing “B” is placed inside a circular dialogue bubble, with a medium-tick outline, set in darker shades of blue, but also with gradients. The background of the logo is plain white, which adds brightness and a feeling of freshness to the composition.

When used for the mobile app, the Bing logo has the dialogue bubble removed, and there is just the bright stylized “B”, set on a white square icon with rounded angles.

Font and color

Bing Chat Emblem

There is no lettering on the Bing logo, but it is usually accompanied by the official Microsoft insignia, where the wordmark is set in a modern yet simple sans-serif typeface, close to such fonts as Novel Display Bold, or Mundo Sans Pro Demi, with some small modifications of the capital “M”.

As for the color palette of the Bing visual identity, it is based on gradient shades of blue, from the lightest ones — for the “B”, to dark and intense for the outline. Blue is the symbol of technological progress, innovations, and security, which suits the chatbot logo more than anything else. With the white background, adding a feeling of loyalty and transparency, blue works truly perfectly.