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Drupal is free software, which allows everyone to create websites. The source was created in 2000 and never lost its popularity since the beginning of its existence. The software’s audience comprises over one million users worldwide.

Meaning and history

The naming of the company has a funny history, first, the founder came up with the “Dorp” version, which means “village” in Dutch, but when registering the domain they made a typo and the “Drop.org” was created.

The Drupal software was released a year after and its visual identity is based on its founding company naming. The Drupal logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it.

The wordmark is written in a simple yet bold sans-serif typeface with rounded lines of “U”, “P” and “A”, which resembles water drops.

Emblem Drupal

The Drupal emblem is not always used in the brand’s logo. More and more the company uses a text-based version, but the famous Drop-symbol still appears on the websites and app icons.

The bright blue rounded drop with white sunglasses and a smile was modernized throughout the years and became an “8” symbol, which is today the emblem of Drupal 8 software.

The bright blue and white combination is fresh and positive, showing the company’s professional approach and expertise in its segment.