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Bild is a German tabloid, published daily from Monday to Saturday. It was first issued in 1952 in Berlin. Now Bild is the Germany’s second most popular newspaper.

Meaning and history

Bild Logo

Being the second (after Der Spiegel) most popular newspaper in Germany, Bild made their logo very similar to their main competitor’s nameplate.

The Bild logo is a scarlet red square with a bold white wordmark on it. The closest font to the Bild typeface are Unovis EF-Black XCon and Aka-AcidGR Compacta Font.

The word Bild means “Picture” in German and the magazine pictures all the latest world news on its pages with a great passion. The Bild logo pictures the brand as modern, confident and energetic, the white typeface is a good accent, symbolizing success.

What is Bild?
Bild is a German multimedia company known for its popular tabloid newspaper. It covers a wide range of topics including news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, and has a significant influence on public opinion in Germany.

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