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Reuters Logo

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The earliest Reuters logo, with its shielded rider inside an oval shape, was somewhat reminiscent of a medieval coat of arms.

Meaning and history

Reuters Logo history

It was replaced by a wordmark. At first, the name of the company was given in an italic font, then in a regular serif typeface. In 1965 the “dot” wordmark, which included 84 dots, was created by the British graphic designer Alan Fletcher. Most likely, it was inspired by teleprinter tape.

The current emblem was designed by the US brand consultancy firm Interbrand in 2008. It was possibly inspired by a depiction of a spiral staircase as seen from above.Reuters Logo Emblem


Color Reuters Logo

The current Reuters logo has four standard versions varying in terms of the colors:

  • orange rings, grey text, white background
  • orange rings, white text, black background
  • black rings and text, white background
  • white rings and text, black background.