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Big Lots is the name of the retail company, which was established in 1967 in the United States. Today it is one of the most famous housewares and grocery retailers, with more than 1,5 thousand spots across the country. Big Lots also offers electronic goods and clothing items.

Meaning and history

Big Lots Logo history

1967 – 1999

Big Lots Logo-1967

The very first logo for Big Lots was designed in 1967 and used by the retailer for more than 30 years. It was very modern for those times inscription in a bold rounded serif font, written in all capital letters. The smooth and sleek lines of the typeface are very close to the famous ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Condensed font, which looks professional and solid.

The use of classic style was balanced by bright color, reflecting energy, movements, and progressive approach, and this combination made the logo truly remarkable.

1999 – Now

Big Lots Logo

The visual identity of the large American retail company has only been redesigned once, in 1999, and still keeps the main feature of the original version — its bright orange color, a reflection of happiness, energy, and passion.

The redesign of 1999 brought a completely new style to the Big Lots visual identity. Now the black wordmark is set in two levels, with the “BIG” in bolder letters above thin and delicate “Lots”. The whole wordmark is written in capitals and is complemented by a playful orange exclamation sign, overlapping the letter “G”.

The black and orange color scheme and the white background of the logo make it look contemporary and stylish, there is also a strongly visible sense of professionalism and reliability, which are the main values of the company with a good reputation and a very impressive number of customers across America.