Acme Markets is an American chain of supermarkets. These stores mostly sell food products. The franchises are largely present throughout the American East Coast – in particular, in New England. There are currently over 160 retail stores owned by Acme, which makes them very successful in Northeast, but not much elsewhere.

Meaning and History

ACME Logo history

The first of these stores appeared in 1891 in Pennsylvania. After expansion and merging with other companies, Acme became one of the big retail store chains in America. In particular, it’s been the biggest such company in Northeastern US for a long time. The brand is owned by Albertsons Corporation.

1954 – 1960

ACME Logo 1954

The original version of their ‘fish eye’ logo was adopted in 1954. It was a blue oval featuring the wordmark ‘Acme Markets’ inside. They used a cursive font for the former word and a basic sans-serif one for the latter. Both were colored black.

1960 – 1981

ACME Logo 1960

The 1960-adopted emblem really had an eye shape – basically, an oval with acute tips on the sides. The basis was a white shape with blue rims. Inside, they put a red circle near the left tip and a similar eye shape to its immediate right. The coloring for the latter was fully dark blue with the white word ‘Acme’ inside.

1981 – 1984

ACME Logo 1981

This time, they swapped all blue for red and got rid of the circle. The inner eye shape is now in the center and much larger. The wordmark didn’t change – it’s still a slightly tilted sans-serif in full white.

1984 – 1998

ACME Logo 1984

The 1984 design is again a red oval with a white line running along the edges, on the inside. In its center, there was still a wordmark just like before, but with taller letters.

1998 – today

acme logo

Since 1998, they started to use the wordmark and only that. The letters are now bigger, bolder and red. The font changed to a less smooth style, but the general design persisted.