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Since at least 1988, the centerpiece of the primary Bentley Falcons logo has been a large letter “B.” Yet, the design of the logo has not been the same all the time, it has gone through a complete overhaul.

Meaning and history

Bentley Falcons Logo history

Bentley Falcons, a notable entity in the world of sports, traces its origins to Bentley University, founded in 1917. The Bentley Falcons represent the athletic teams of Bentley University, a private university located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Over the years, the university has built a reputation for excellence in both academics and athletics. The inception of the Bentley Falcons marked a significant step in the university’s commitment to fostering a comprehensive educational environment, blending academic rigor with athletic prowess.

The Bentley Falcons have achieved considerable success in various sports, particularly in ice hockey, where they have made a significant mark in the NCAA Division I landscape. The university’s athletic teams have been recognized for their competitive spirit and sportsmanship, making significant strides in regional and national competitions. The Falcons’ achievements extend beyond the playing field, with student-athletes excelling in academic pursuits, embodying the university’s ethos of excellence in all arenas.

As of today, the Bentley Falcons continue to thrive, maintaining a dynamic presence in collegiate sports. The university’s commitment to athletic excellence is evident in its continuous investment in state-of-the-art facilities and training programs. The Falcons stand as a testament to Bentley University’s dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals, excelling in both their academic and athletic endeavors. Their current position reflects a blend of historical legacy and forward-looking aspirations, symbolizing the university’s ongoing journey towards achieving excellence in all facets.

What is Bentley Falcons?
Bentley Falcons refers to the athletic teams of Bentley University, a private university in Waltham, Massachusetts. These teams compete in NCAA Division II, excelling in sports like ice hockey, and embody the university’s commitment to academic and athletic excellence.

1988 – 2012

Bentley Falcons Logo-1988
The old logo introduced in 1988 featured a capital “B” in yellow. The glyph looked smooth and rounded, it possessed a light and dynamic shape. In front of the “B,” a flying bird could be seen, which only reinforced the impression of lightness and motion. The bird was holding a lightning bolt in its claws.

2013 – Today

Bentley Falcons Logo

The Bentley Falcons logo unveiled in 2013 has preserved the “B” as its focal point. It now has a more serious and formal style and is placed in a black and blue shield.

Bentley Falcons football

Bentley Falcons emblem

The team competes in NCAA Division II college football. It plays its home games at Bentley University Football Stadium. Bill Kavanaugh is the head coach.

Bentley Falcons basketball

Bentley Falcons

One of the most successful years of the last two decades has been 2008 when the men’s basketball team Bentley Falcons set the record for the longest regular-season winning streak in Division II history. The women’s team finished the 2013/13 season with a 35-0 record and won the NCAA Division II National Championship.