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Bell & Ross, a renowned name in the horological world, crafts high-end watches inspired by aviation and military specifications. Established in 1992 by childhood friends Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo, this Paris-based brand has become synonymous with precision and durability. Its iconic square-cased BR series, drawing cues from aircraft cockpit instruments, showcases its aviation lineage. While Europe remains a stronghold, Bell & Ross has expanded its wings globally, with Asia being a significant market. Owned by Chanel since 1998, Bell & Ross continues its pursuit of marrying functionality with luxury, ensuring timepieces that withstand extreme conditions while exuding elegance.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1992, Bell & Ross emerged from the shared vision of two university friends, Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross), who aspired to create functional watches for professionals facing extreme conditions, especially aviators.

In its early years, the duo collaborated with a German watchmaker, Sinn, known for its instrumental and technical timepieces. The partnership birthed watches under the label “Bell & Ross by Sinn”. These initial models bore the hallmark of Sinn’s robust engineering, combined with Bell & Ross’s distinctive design ethos.

The brand’s significant breakthrough came with the introduction of the BR series. Inspired by aircraft cockpit instruments, the BR watches, especially the BR 01 with its unique square case and round dial, became the company’s signature. The design, while striking, was rooted in functionality – ensuring legibility and reliability in demanding environments.

In 1998, a pivotal moment in the company’s journey took place when the luxury powerhouse Chanel acquired a stake in Bell & Ross. This alliance not only provided the necessary financial support but also aided in expanding the brand’s reach and enhancing production capabilities. With Chanel’s backing, the brand transitioned its manufacturing to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, further solidifying its stature in the luxury watch industry.

Bell & Ross’s continued evolution saw it exploring various themes, from diving watches to those inspired by racing and space exploration. Each collection, while diverse, remained true to the brand’s core principle: “function drives form”.

Over the years, Bell & Ross has formed collaborations with various entities, from the French Air Force to car manufacturers, expanding its horizons beyond aviation. However, the essence of the brand remains – producing watches that are both tools for professionals and masterpieces for enthusiasts.

Today, while being globally recognized and maintaining a strong presence in Asia and Europe, Bell & Ross retains its commitment to crafting timepieces that echo its founding ethos: a blend of precision, functionality, and timeless design.


Bell and Ross Logo

The image showcases a sophisticated logo that spells “Bell & Ross”. The word “Bell” is positioned to the left, followed by a prominent ampersand (“&”) enclosed within a circular border, creating a focal point. To the right of this emblematic circle is the word “Ross”. The entire typography is bold, conveying a sense of authority and refinement. The monochromatic color scheme further adds to its elegance and simplicity. The design seamlessly marries traditional and modern aesthetics.