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Steelseries is the name of a European company, which specializes in the design and distribution of computer accessories for working and gaming. The company was established in Denmark in 2001 and today sells its products globally.

Meaning and history

Steelseries logo

The popular computer accessories manufacturer’s visual identity, created more than ten years ago, looks like it was designed just today. It is super modern and cool, despite its monochrome color scheme and simplicity of lines. The Steelseries logo looks solid and futuristic, brilliantly reflecting the character and purpose of the brand.

The logo is composed of a wordmark in the lowercase and an abstract geometric emblem, placed on its left. The lettering is executed in one sans-serif typeface, but with the “Steel” part bold, and the “Series” — more lightweight. The font of the Steelseries inscription is very close to stylish and distinct Sequel Sans, one of the most popular sans-serif typefaces.

The most interesting part of the logo is the emblem, which features a circle in a bold outline and a smaller circle in the middle. There are also two short rounded lines coming out from the top and left parts of ITC and one solid dot, placed between the lines.

The circle itself looks like a wired input of the computer, but when you look at the icon as a whole, it resembles a turtle, which is a symbol of long life and wisdom. A very unusual graphical reflection of the computer-related brand, but a very precise one.

The contemporary Steelseries logo is strong and trendy. It looks actual today and will stay actual for many more years, due to the perfect balance in shapes and styles, and the most universal and luxury color palette — monochrome.