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Beiersdorf AG is a German company that owns such well-known brands as Nivea, Eucerin, and La Prairie, to name just a few. The company’s main focus is the production of personal-care products and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Meaning and history

Beiersdorf Logo history


Beiersdorf Logo-1935

The original design featured a handwritten type.


Beiersdorf Logo-1968

Here, there is a dynamic italicized font. In the background, you can see a shape reminding a football (although, of course, it is not a football).

Logo Beiersdorf


Beiersdorf Logo-1992

The wordmark features a minimalist and pretty generic type. Above the full name of the brand, there are the abbreviation “BDF” and four blue circles.


Beiersdorf Logo

The current Beiersdorf logo is an example of a simple and friendly corporate logotype. It has a unique touch due to the unexpected rounded elements (for instance, on the “r’s,” “d,” and “b”). And yet, it is not trying too hard to be unusual: the wordmark is perfectly legible, the classic proportions and sensible space between the letters have been preserved.