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Kylie Jenner is the name of an American celebrity, who was born in Los Angeles in 1997 and became famous after participating in one of the reality-shows on the television. Throughout the years’ Kylie was trying to find her niche and experimented with fashion and tv industries until finally founded her own cosmetics brand in 2015.

Meaning and history

Kylie Jenner Logo history

Kylie Jenner is one of the celebrities who do not replace their old logos with the new ones but keep using all the versions created during her career, as all of them celebrate special moments and milestones, reflecting the important steps in the media person’s life.

2015 — 2017

Kylie Jenner Logo-2015

The very first logo for Kylie Jenner was introduced in 2015 and featured two levels of the same wordmark, executed in two different colors. The upper level boasted a gradient turquoise inscription in sans-serif with the Nara of the letters overlapping each other, while the lettering of the bottom level was executed in the same font but with the use of flat black color.

A bit later the second version of the logo appeared. It was a handwritten signature of Kylie Jenner in black, with a recognizable heart under it and a smaller one, replacing the dot above the “I”.

2015 — Today

Kylie Jenner Logo 2015
The 2015 logo is simply Kylie’s autograph made in thin handwriting with a pretty heart beneath.

2017 — Today

Kylie Jenner Logo

The logo, designed in 2017 is something completely different. Executed in a rock-band style, the Kylie wordmark is written in an ExtraBold font with sharp serifs and massive solid contours. The bottom line of the inscription is arched, while the upper one is straight. There is also an interesting blurred effect of the letters’ edges, due to the use of an almost invisible gray outline, which works brilliantly with the black color of the letters’ bodies.

Font and color

All three existing logos of Kylie Jenner feature different typefaces and mood. The first version in a clean and neat sans-serif represents the celebrity as a confident and strong one, while the second, her signature, shows her tenderness and love to people. The third, massive gothic-inspired font shows Jenner’s rebellious spirit and creativity.

The main color of all the logos is black, which is always actual and looks fancy and trendy on any background. The turquoise from the logo of 2015 shows another side of the celebrity — a dreamer and a tender sweet girl.