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Kiehl’s is a cosmetics brand focusing on natural ingredients and offering products for personalized skincare routines. The first Kiehl’s apothecary was established in 1851.

Meaning and history

The primary advantage of the Kiehls logo is that it is a heritage logo. It does not just say “heritage” – it cries “heritage.” For one, it has remained virtually the same for decades. Also, the very style, with its handwritten script and the stroke under the brand’s name has a retro touch. In addition to this, you can see the lettering “Since 1851,” which adds an explicit indication of the company’s long history.

Logo Kiehls

We can also add that the use of the script imitating handwriting adds a personal touch to the Kiehl’s logo. It makes us travel in time to the era when body care products were typically bought in apothecaries and bore labels written by hand.

In addition to the wordmark described above, the company also uses an icon featuring a bold “K.”