Bed Bath and Beyond Logo

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Bed Bath and Beyond Logo
One of the largest US-owned chains of retail stores, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. sells a variety of domestics merchandise and home furnishings. Its history started in 1971. Today, it is listed in the S&P 400 and Global 1200 Indices, as well as the Fortune 500.

Meaning and History logo

Bed Bath and Beyond Logo history

The first Bed Bath and Beyond logo, which appeared in 1971, reflected the company’s original name, Bed’n Bath. It was given in a roundish lowercase typeface against the white background. No other elements, apart from the wordmark, were included in the logotype.


Bed Bath and Beyond Emblem
In 1988, when the name of the stores was replaced by the one used now, the logo was updated, too. The words “BED BATH” were given in a bold sans serif uppercase typeface, while the lettering “Beyond” featured a curvy script resembling handwriting. Probably the most recognizable of all the letters was the “A”.

Current symbol

Bed Bath and Beyond Symbol
Although the 1988 logo looked rather attractive, it failed to reflect the company’s core benefits. The version unveiled in 1991 managed to reach this aim.
If you compare the width of the first and the last letters (especially the “D”), you will definitely notice that every next letter tends to occupy more space. Probably, the most logical explanation to this is that in this way the designers wanted to emphasize the endless variety of goods offered by the stores.


Font Bed Bath and Beyond Logo
Although the typeface featured in the Bed Bath and Beyond logo is a very popular one (Futura), the designers who developed the wordmark managed to customize it to the level of uniqueness and even put a message in it.


Color Bed Bath and Beyond Logo
The rich shade of dark blue has a hardly noticeable violet hue in it. Against the white background, the blue color looks legible enough. The original logotype featured dark red, which was replaced by black in 1988.