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The innovative treatment Prolia is one of the main components of successful therapy for women with malignant tumors affecting the bones, as well as osteoporosis and other diseases that contribute to the thinning of the bones. The drug belongs to the group of monoclonal antibodies (that is, antibodies that selectively affect certain types of cells, for example, cancer cells).

Meaning and history

Prolia logo

Since the medicine was originally designed for female and professional audiences, it also acquired a mixed form – simultaneously indicating both the structure of the spinal column, and hinting at a certain (positive) emotion.


Symbol Prolia

The Prolia logo is a stylized three-color design that can be interpreted as a joyful little man with arms up and a spine design. The image was supposed to symbolize the joy of bones in getting rid of malignant neoplasms.


Emblem Prolia

The design of the emblem is conditionally rectangular. Conditionally, since the actual graphic image is in the upper left corner relative to the font inscription. Nevertheless, there is a color harmony of the elements.


The font was chosen to be smoothed, with “rounded” curved elements. This accentuated the selectivity in the work of the medicine, being less traumatic for the patient.


Color Prolia logo

The logo uses several colors: dark gray, green (international color of life), blue and blue (symbolic colors of healthy bones).