Bath & Body Works Logo

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Bath & Body Works is an American cosmetic brand, specializing in body care and shower products. The brand was established in 1990 and is a part of L Brands Group.

Meaning and history

The Nath & Body Works text-based visual identity is simple and minimalist yet instantly recognizable due to the placement and size of the words.

Built on three levels, the wordmark is executed in a traditional Helvetica font with fine straight lines of a sans-serif lettering.

The upper level of the inscription boats the biggest size of the letters among all three parts, while the middle, “Body”, is written in the smallest letters. The “Works” in the bottom part of the logo feature medium-sized lettering.

Bath & Body Works Logo

The classic blue color of the Bath&Body Works logo evokes a sense of purity and reliability, representing a strong and high-quality brand, which aims to make their client happy and to provide them with the best products available.

For the icon of the website, the brand used a square, composed of four smaller squares, each of a different color. The color scheme comprises darks blue, medium blue, light blue and white. No letters or any other details are there on the icon. It looks stylish and modern, with a fresh and crispy feel due to the use of the blue color palette.