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Arbonne International is the name of a multi-level marketing company, which high was established in America in 1980. The founder of the company is a Norwegian businessman Peter Morck, who was inspired by the idea to provide people worldwide with high-quality health and skincare products.

Meaning and history

Arbonne International works mostly through its online channels, offering comprehensive products for skin, diet, and hair to customers from all over the globe. Although Arbonne is one of the most popular multi-level marketing companies in the United States, it was created by a Norwegian Entrepreneur and has one of its main offices in Switzerland, which makes the company truly International. It offers a line of products aimed at providing healthier wellness and better skin, to help lose weight, and improve life quality in general.

Arbonne believes in a holistic approach to beauty, health, and wellness and offers products that help users achieve their best results in all important areas. The company claims that all of its products are vegan and use the most effective ingredients. This high-quality approach affects the prices of the Arbonne products, but it is worth it.

What is Arbonne International?
Arbonne International is an MLM company, which was established in the USA and today operated worldwide as a distributor of health and skincare products for people of all ages. The company also offers a wide range of weight-loss programs and general well-being solutions.

In terms of visual identity, Arbonne International has been very consistent since the 1980s, keeping its original logo untouched, and only playing with the lettering on it from time to time.

The 1980s — Today

Arbonne International Logo

The Arbonne International logo is composed of a minimalistic yet sleek and sophisticated emblem, set above the lettering in the same color, and sometimes accompanied by a tagline, enclosed between two thick horizontal lines.

The Arbonne emblem is a stylized “AA” monogram, with the two lowercase letters mirrored and placed back-to-back, sharing one vertical bar. The letters are set in smooth shapes with no angles, but two loops and two elongated curved ends.

As for the inscription, it is more often set in the lowercase of a clean modern sans-serif typeface with lots of air in and between the letters. Although sometimes the logotype can be set in the uppercase of a fancy and classic serif font. For the company’s consultants’ badges, the “Independent Consultant” line is added to the corporate Arbonne badge, separated from the main part by a pretty thick horizontal line, and underlined by a thinner one.

The Arbonne International logo can be seen in two color options: deep and calm green, or black on white. Green is a symbol of life, growth, and wellbeing, as well as a symbol of success and wealth, while black looks strong and modern, showing the fundamental approach of the company and its seriousness.