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Barney is the kids’ tv-show character, created in the USA in 1992. The purple Dino learns kids from 1 to 8 yo through funny songs and games. The tv-show is extremely popular across the globe.

Meaning and history

Barney Logo history

1988 – 1991

Barney Logo 1988

The very first logo for Barney was created in 1988 and became a prototype for all the following versions. It was a bold handwritten inscription in dark pink, closer to purple, color, with uneven edges of the lines and full shapes on the letters. The wordmark was set in the title case and looked simple yet bright and playful.

1991 – Today

Barney Logo 1991

In 1991 the Barney logo was redesigned. The style of the lettering was kept, but it became black and got its lines emboldened, so started looking completely different — stronger and more modern. It was a more “serious” and professional version of the original insignia, which is still used by the brand today.

1992 – 2003

Barney Logo 1992

In 1992 the logo from 1991 gets color and volume. The letters of the handwritten “Barney” logotype now feature a delightful yellow shade and a thin black outline. The whole inscription has a black shadow, which makes it look more dynamic and energetic.

1996 – Today

Barney Logo

The Barney logo is composed of two overlapping ovals, which are executed in purple and green, the colors the Barney Dinosaur has in his costume. The wordmark is placed on the purple one.

The free oval is located diagonally, more vertical, when the purple one is placed on it horizontally, making a perfect framing for the nameplate.

The oval shapes of the logo evoke a positive and kind feeling, showing the friendliness of the famous Dino and his willingness to help.

The wordmark in white is written in a custom sans redid typeface with rounded lines. It looks like it is hand-drawn which only adds playfulness and friendliness to the logo.

symbol Barney

The Barney insignia is bright and happy, it is a good representation of the funny Dino hero. The logo is instantly recognizable due to the bright color palette.

The white lettering adds a sense of purity and kindness, showing the good intentions and educational approach of the tv-show.