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CoinGecko is the name of a cryptocurrency data aggregator, which was created in 2014 by TM Lee and Bobby Ong. The world’s largest crypto aggregator collects and tracks prices, volumes, market capitalization, social and developer statistics. Today, the site provides fundamental market analysis and tracks over five thousand cryptocurrencies from more than 400 exchanges.

Meaning and history

CoonGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregator, in other words, the service that collects up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies (around 5.000 coins from 400 trading platforms) and offers users the verified data in a convenient form.

The popularity of the crypto aggregator CoinGecko is quite easy to explain because the main goal of its founders was to create the most transparent mechanisms for tracking the cryptocurrency market.

The service provides in-depth analysis of the crypto market and does not just track and measure tokens by market capitalization or exchanges by trading volume, but also focuses on such key characteristics as project code progress and open-source code development, community growth, and more.

What is CoinGecko?

CoinGecko is one of the earliest and largest data aggregators in the industry, taking a more holistic approach to tracking tokens and cryptocurrency exchanges. it was created by TM Lee and Bobby Ong in 2014, and currently tracks almost 5.000 coins and over 380 exchanges.

In terms of visual identity, the aggregator is fun and bright, which balances the seriousness of what it does and adds playfulness to the world of numbers and exchange rates. The main element of the logo is its graphical part, which is a direct depiction of the service’s name. No hidden meanings, everything is clear and obvious, and it adds uniqueness and even charm to the badge, which is instantly recognizable by users from all over the globe.

2014 — Today

CoinGecko logo

The CoinGecko logo was designed in 2014 and features a vivid and lively composition of a bright graphical emblem and a simple sans-serif logotype. The emblem of the aggregator is a light yellow coin-shaped medallion in a green outline. In the center of the badge, there is an image depicting a head of a gecko. The creature is facing to the right and looks smiley and extremely friendly.

As for the lettering, it is set in a super-simple and clean sans-serif typeface with medium-thickness lines. The inscription is usually set in dark gray color, but when it’s placed on a black or other dark and solid background, it turns white.