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Bank of New York Mellon specializes in managing clients’ assets and wealth and provides broker and treasury services. It is not surprising that the world’s truly giant corporations are among the shareholders as it has a leading position in its sphere. Currently, BNY Mellon is doing very well. The company’s assets are constantly growing thanks to the experienced and knowledgeable specialists running it. Its turnover amounts to trillions of US dollars.

Meaning and History

In 2006, the Bank of New York announced the acquisition of Mellon Bank Corp. for $16.5 billion. It opened its doors in 1784 thanks to the famous political and public figure Alexander Hamilton. The bank served institutional and private clients in over 100 countries. Mellon Bank was set up almost 100 years later, in 1869, by Thomas Mellon. Initially, it was called T. Mellon & Sons’ Bank. It was renamed Mellon Bank in 1972. This bank has invested in various industrial enterprises. The new bank received the name of both institutions. Since 2011, it has been considered an institution that is important for the sound functioning of the global financial system.

What is Bank of New York Mellon?
This well-known bank emerged when one of the world’s oldest financial institutions united with Mellon Bank. The new organization turned into a true giant financial corporation that offered asset management and securities services.

2007 – Today

Bank of New York Mellon Logo

The emblem of a new giant was quite minimalistic and featured a unique color palette. The only element it had in common with the previous logos was the traditional serif font. Lippincott used unbracketed slab serifs to show the strong and stable position of the organization. To add interest, the strokes were done using different thicknesses. A dark gray that was very close to black used for the name looked conservative and formal. The owners were not afraid to experiment with untraditional colors for the arrow element in the upper left corner. There was a different color for each of the three shapes forming the triangle. One of them was light gray, the other was done in light khaki color. The biggest diamond-like shape that was at the front of the arrow was painted copper. The arrow is pointed right, showing that the company has great goals and achievements ahead of it.

Font and Color

Bank of New York Mellon Emblem

A slab serif typeface with high-contrast strokes was a perfect choice for an organization with such a powerful and influential hold on the market. It used a pastel color palette that featured muted copper, khaki, and light and dark gray colors. Such a color choice made the organization look confident and set it aside from all the other companies.