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Backwoods is the name of a cigars manufacturer and distributor, established in the United States in the beginning of the 1970s. The company became successful from the very first days, as it started operating when the law prohibiting the cigarette advertising was enacted. Backwoods advertised cigars.

Meaning and history

Backwoods is one of the most famous cigars manufacturers of the United States, which was established in 1973. The first production site of the company was located in the Dominican Republic. This small state on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea was the birthplace of the new product. Although now all the production facilities of the brand are in the USA.

Backwoods cigars are almost the world’s benchmark and are in the top sales. The distinctive features of this brand’s products: affordability, excellent taste, wide range of flavors.

Unlike a cigarette, the cigar consists entirely of tobacco. In addition, it has no additives in the form of filters. The outside of a Backwoods cigar is usually covered with a natural tobacco leaf. This makes it similar to a traditional cigar. The only difference is that there are not leaves but tobacco chips inside. This combination noticeably reduces the process of smoking the product, while preserving its natural flavor.

Usually, Backwoods products are made from Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, which has to be aged for at least a year in special conditions before it goes into production. The manufacturing method is mechanical, although the appearance of the product is deliberately made to look like a handmade product.

What is Backwoods?

Backwoods is the American brand of cigars, which was established in the early 1970s, and today has its products distributed all over the globe. The Backwoods am cigars are known as “Wild and Mild”, and have their huge audience due to the affordable pricing policy and a really good quality.

In terms of visual identity, the first association the Backwoods logo evokes is Rum. But where there is Rum, there are cigars, so it’s all pretty logical. The logo of the famous cigars hasn’t been changed since the design of the very first version in the 1970s, and today it is instantly recognizable all over the globe.

1973 – Today

Backwoods Logo

The Backwoods badge features a bold red lettering in scarlet red, arched inside a white badge with a thin black outline. The contours of the badge repeat the arch of the inscription and the elongated lines in the “B”, “K” and “S”. The custom typeface of the logotype has some interesting waving details, which resemble sails of a pirate ship, bringing the imagination to Caribbean islands.

The red, black and white color palette is a representation of strength and confidence of the brand in the quality of its products. It also works great for the logo while being placed on various backgrounds and packages. The colors of the elements can be switched, and the background can become black, with the letters outlined in white.