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This platform is a global marketplace specializing in refurbished devices, ensuring that every product meets a high standard of quality. A thorough vetting process is in place, allowing only the most skilled and reliable refurbishers to offer their devices. This rigorous selection criterion ensures that customers have access to top-tier refurbished electronics, fostering trust and satisfaction in the pre-owned tech market.

Originating in Europe and now branching out across 16 diverse nations such as the USA and Japan, Back Market stands at the forefront of the revitalized tech sphere. Guided by its visionary creators, the platform advocates for green technological practices, providing a reliable digital venue for certified reconditioned electronics like smartphones and computing devices. This commitment has cemented Back Market’s position as a key player in promoting sustainable consumption by connecting consumers with high-quality, restored tech products, reinforcing the ethos of reuse and recycle in a tech-driven world.

Meaning and history

Back Market, launched in 2014 in Paris by co-founders Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Vianney Vaute, and Quentin Le Brouster, has become a leading force in the refurbished electronics industry. Maintaining its original leadership with CEO Hug de Larauze at the helm, the company has expanded operations across 16 countries, including the US and Japan, and grown to over 700 employees. Back Market has stayed true to its mission of providing sustainable tech alternatives, prolonging the life of consumer electronics, and championing the circular economy. Its valuation soared to $5.7 billion in 2023, earning it the title of France’s most valuable unicorn, with plans to further expand globally​​.



Back Market Logo

It showcases the name ‘Back Market’ in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The distinctive feature is the twin chevrons preceding the brand name, symbolizing both backward motion, reflecting the refurbished nature of their products, and forward progression, hinting at innovation and future growth. This emblematic design captures the essence of the brand: a nod to the past with pre-owned electronics and a step towards the future with sustainable consumer practices.