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Babymetal is a Japanese band known for working in the so-called kawaii metal (“cute metal”) genre. The band was created in 2010 as part of the idol group Sakura Gakuin. It became an independent band in 2013.

Meaning and history

The Babymetal logo has looked the same since 2014. As you can see from the covers of their albums (Babymetal from 2014, Metal Resistance from 2016, and Metal Galaxy from 2019), the shape of the emblem has never changed. The only difference has been the effects (flames, electricity, cracks, etc., which depended on the overall style of the cover in question).

However, we should also mention the earliest version. If we compare the two versions, we can get a deeper insight into the meaning of the design.

Current logo

Babymetal Logo

You can see the name of the band given in two lines. On the one hand, there are several elements making it look like a classic logo of a metal band. If you compare it with such an iconic example as the Metallica logo, you will notice a lot of similarities, including the extended ends of the initial and final letters and the lightning bolts on their ends.

Even the overall structure looks similar, although, in the case of the Japanese band, the straight lines have been softened and replaced by the arches.

You can distinguish three elements: the wings, a cute skull, and the hearts inside the “B’s.” Each of the symbols represents one of the original members:

– the wings for Suzuka Nakamoto, or Su-metal (Vocal and Dance)

– the hears for Moa Kikuchi, or Moametal (Scream and Dance)

– the skull represents Yui Mizuno as “Yuimetal” (Scream and Dance)

Each of the girls had been spotted wearing a shirt with her personal logo for the cover song during their very first performance (except Su-metal’s wings).

Although now the band only includes two members, Suzuka Nakamoto and Moa Kikuchi, the logo preserves Yui Mizuno’s symbol, too.

Logo Babymetal

Original logo

While the shape of the letters is slightly different, you can still see the skull and the inset hearts present in the current Babymetal logo. This fact supports the theory that the symbols represent the girls.

However, the earliest logo did not feature the wings. Instead, there was a lightning bolt as Su-metal’s symbol.