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Rivieras is the name of a French footwear brand, which was established in 2009, the brand is known for casual shoes, loafers, and slip-on for men, although it has women’s and kids’ collections too. The Riviera shoes are known for their comfort and universality.

Meaning and history

The modern Rivieras brand appeared in 2009, however not many know, that its predecessor was born in the 1950s, and was known across Europe as a manufacturer of men’s moccasins. Then the company was closed, and came back in the 2000s, with the new concept and vision.

The full name of the modern and popular footwear label speaks for itself: Rivieras Leisure Shoes. The company is known for its stylish loafers, designed for every day, with attention to customers’ comfort in the first place. The relaxed style of the Rivieras shoes is enhanced by the quality of materials and ergonomic shapes of all models, while the interesting color palette, which varies from season to season, makes the simple loafers and slip-on is the brand fancy and cool.

The Rivieras label does not produce classic shoes. The design is always informal and recognizable. Their flagship model resembles both summer loafers and slippers. The upper parts of the shoes are made of not the most standard materials: durable cotton, vinyl, or raffia, while the soles are made of rubber, with a leather insole and no lining. Although Rivieras is a French brand, all the shoes are produced in Spain.

What is Rivieras?

Rivieras is the modern footwear brand, which was founded in France in 2009, and today has its stores all over the globe, offering casual shoes for men, women, and kids. The brand is mostly known for the colorful slip-ons, which are simple, stylish, and very comfortable.

In terms of visual identity, the French footwear brand is laconic yet elegant and sleek. The badge is composed of just a wordmark in a monochrome palette, but the style and typeface of the inscription make it memorable and unique.

2009 – Today

Rivieras Logo

The Rivieras logo is given in a beautiful script inspired by handwriting. The glyphs leave the impression of casual, effortless elegance. Also, this approach adds a personal touch – in fact, the design looks more like a personal signature than a wordmark.

In addition to the wordmark, the company has a pictogram. It reminds a stylized flower made up of a circle with a tick in its upper half and four bars. The pictogram is usually placed on the shoes of the brand, being engraved or embossed on a silver metallic rhombus, on the side of a loafer.

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