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Away is a modern travel brand, recognized for its innovative luggage solutions. Specializing in suitcases with thoughtfully-designed features, Away caters to contemporary travelers seeking style and functionality. Primarily operating online, they’ve expanded with select brick-and-mortar stores. North America remains a key market, but their global presence is growing. Founded by Steph Korey and Jen Rubio, its ownership structure is private, with various investors on board. The company emphasizes sustainability and customer-centricity in its operations.

Meaning and history

Away, a distinctive name in the travel industry, sprouted from the vision of Steph Korey and Jen Rubio in 2015. Both ex-employees at Warby Parker, they spotted a gap in the travel market: high-quality, stylish luggage at an affordable price. After Jen’s suitcase broke and a fruitless search for a replacement, they perceived an opportunity.

Initially bootstrapped, their concept thrived on direct-to-consumer sales, sidestepping traditional retail markups. In 2015, they gathered $2.5M in seed funding, propelling their startup. The first product, “The Carry-On”, made waves with its innovative design, including a built-in battery for phone charging.

While North America was their initial playground, a global thirst for Away products emerged. Pop-up stores surfaced globally, later becoming permanent in cities like London and Tokyo.

Away’s ownership remained consistent with its founders, but as success mounted, venture capitalists took interest. The company raised over $100M, valuing it at $1.4B by 2019. Not just resting on luggage, Away ventured into travel accessories and apparel.

Their ethos extended beyond just products. Storytelling became integral, with the launch of “Here Magazine”, sharing travel tales and tips.

However, the journey wasn’t without turbulence. In 2019, an investigative piece unveiled a challenging work environment, casting shadows on its leadership. Steph Korey stepped down as CEO but later returned as co-CEO with Stuart Haselden.

Despite such challenges, Away proved resilient, innovating production and expanding its offerings. The founders maintained significant influence, with external investors holding stakes but no drastic shifts in ownership.

Today, Away stands as a testament to innovative entrepreneurship, proving that with vision and adaptability, even traditional markets like travel can be revolutionized.


Away Logo

The visual showcases a bold, uppercase typography spelling the word “AWAY.” The characters are geometrically sharp and crisp, demonstrating a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. The letter “W” exhibits a characteristic zigzag peak, providing a touch of distinctiveness to an otherwise straightforward font. The entire design exudes simplicity and directness, making the brand instantly recognizable. The black font contrasts starkly with the pristine white background, adding to its visual prominence.