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Ateez is the name of a k-pop band, which was established in South Korea in 2019, and consists of eight men members. The boys-band has their albums released in both Korean and Japanese, and the fan houses all over the globe. The popularity of ATEEZ gained the band the title of Global Ambassadors of Korean Culture.

Meaning and history

The South Korean brand was founded under the name KQ Fellaz, to celebrate the KQ Entertainment music label, although in July 2018 the producers of the band decided to change the name to ATEEZ. The name ATEEZ is a derivative from Ateenagerz (Teenagers from A to Z), and the main audience of the k-pop boys band from South Korea are teenagers. Although, the members of the group are also very young.

In the summer of 2018, a reality show “Codename – ATEEZ” was launched on the Korean TV channel Mnet, and this started the success story of the Korean boys-band.

Like most Korean music bands, ATEEZ has not three or four members, but many. The names of the eight members are Jeonho, Hongjoon, Yeosan, Wen, Seonghwa, Mingi, Yunho, and San. Prior to that, the guys were interns at the KQ Entertainment music label and trained in Los Angeles. The internship process was broadcast on the KQ Fellaz American Training YouTube Channel.

What is ATEEZ?
ATEEZ is a boys-band from South Korea, with thousands of fans around the world. The collective consists of eight young guys from the production center KQ Entertainment production company, and the initial name of the band was KQ Fellaz, to celebrate the record label.

In terms of visual identity, the boys-band from South Korea chooses minimalism and confidence. The logo is composed of two heavy elements — the logotype and the geometric figure, complementing it. It might look a little overweighted, but when executed in different colors, it starts “playing” and turns into something different.

2018 — Today

Ateez Logo 2018

The ATEEZ logo features a massive italicized logotype in the uppercase, set in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Integral CF Extra Bold Oblique and Sequel 100 Wide 97, but with the letters extended horizontally even more, which gives the sense of progressiveness and speed.

Above the logotype, the solid heavy parallelogram is set. It starts at the first letter, and finished at the last, being at the same time the roof and protection of the wordmark, and the danger, that can fall and smash it.

The ATEEZ logo is always executed in one solid shade, and the official colors are black and orange, although it can be changed, depending on the needs of the band and the design of the album cover or poster.