ASPCA is an American non-profit organization, specializes in animal care and protection. The foundation was established in 1866 and today it has more than one million members all over the United States, fighting for the right of animals. The ASPCA is an abbreviation for “American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to An-imals”.

Meaning and history


ASPCA Speaks Logo history

The visual identity of the American non-profit organization has been only redesigned once during its very long history. The text-based logo has no ornaments and decorations, it is strict and simple, and its only purpose is to reflect the seriousness and fundamentalist of the foundation’s approach and their determination to what they do.

1866 – 2005

ASPCA Logo 1866

The first American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals logo was com-posed of a simple ASPCA lettering in a bold sans-serif typeface where all the letters were glued to each other. The blue and white color palette of the insignia was among to represent reliability and professionalism, at the same time showing the organization’s confidence and strength.

2005 – Today

ASPCA logo

The logo was redesigned only in 2005, but the character and spirit remained the same. It is still composed of a glued lettering, but the typeface was changed to a more lightweight one, with elegant clean lines. The main color of the inscription is now gray, which is calm and pure, but the letter “P”, standing for “Prevention” is colored orange, in order to add some energy and resoluteness. This orange “P” is outlined in white and overlaps “S” and “C”.

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