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Northeastern Mutual is a privately owned organization, located in Wisconsin, US and established in 1857. It provides a list of insurance and retirement services, as well as consultations on financial planning, advisory, and distribution. Their clients are individuals and organizations that want to secure their finances and property, as well as understand what to do with their finances. The company also pays some annual dividends to its policy carriers.

Meaning and history

The history of the company begins in the middle of the 19th century, when the Mutual Life Insurance of the State of Wisconsin was established. Originally located in Janesville, the company was relocated to Milwaukee in 1859. A bit later, the first two deaths arrived, and the company had to pay $3,500 to the customers. In 1864, the company paid its first dividends to the customers.

In 1865, marking the company’s growth, the managements renamed the organization into Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. During the rest 19th century, the company focused on life insurance, although it made some experiments. In 1907, the management invited policy owners to probe Northeastern’s accounting services. This practice has gone well, so the company decided to develop their accounting and planning services until today.

During the 20th century, Northeastern increased the number of the insurance services and began offering income protection, long-term insurance, and retirement planning products through their wholly owned subsidiaries and branches. Their operations also attached wealth management.

To mark this expansion, as well as entering the new century, the company was renamed as just Northeastern Mutual in 2000.

What is Northeastern Mutual?
Northeastern Mutual is an American company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It offers services related to financial security, planning, accounting, advisory, and insurance. With the branches spread across the United States, Northeastern is one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the country. They provide their insurance services to the organizations, businessmen, and simple citizens.

1857 – today

Northeastern Mutual Logo

The northeastern mutual logotype depicts the nameplate, written to the right from the emblem. It shows us a fountain with multiple water jets coming to various sides.


Northeastern Mutual Symbol

The painting of their corporate is drafted of blue, white, and yellow. The fountain is yellow. To the right, there is the dark blue wordmark. All this is located on the white background. In some cases, the shades can change. You can find the Northeastern Mutual logotype version drafted in a full bright blue or black and yellow palette. The coloring depends on the situation and the background where the mark is located.


Northeastern Mutual Emblem

The brand’s nameplate is featured in a single or two-line inscription (it depends on the space given to the logo or the background). The first characters of each word are capitalized, while the following ones are lowercase. The letters themselves have a semibold typeface with angular gaps as well as small intervals in between.

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