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Mega Millions is the name of America’s most popular lottery. Operating since 2002, the lottery is drawn twice a week. At the beginning of its history, it only operates in six states, but today the lottery with jackpots over $1 mil is offered in over 40 states.

Meaning and history

Mega Millions Logo history

1996 – 2002

Mega Millions Logo-1996
Until 2002, the lottery was called ‘the Big Game’. The base of the older logo was a yellow circle with some lighting effects. On it, they’ve written the name in three lines for each word: ‘the’ with smaller, thin letters above; ‘Big’ with huge bold characters in the middle; ‘Game’ with squished letters in a green rectangle. Everywhere, the letters were green, except for the last word – that one is white.

2002 – Today

Mega Millions Logo

The Mega Millions logo is a celebration of the lottery’s history. It is composed of a bright wordmark, placed in half-turn and an emblem on its left.

The emblem comprises a yellow circle with sic blue starts, which is a tribute to the first years of the lottery’s existence — when it was only available in six American states.

The Mega Millions wordmark is written in two levels, with “Mega” in enlarges extra bold lettering on top, executed in red, and “Millions” under it in smaller blue letters. The “O” has a white star on it, which is a bow to the USA national flag.

Mega Millions Logo

The Mega Millions logo is eye-catching and recognizable, which is a common mixture for the industry. The round shape of the emblem is a symbol of wealth (resembling a golden coin) and games (being three-dimensional it looks like a yellow ball).

The red, blue and white of the wordmark repeat the color of the American flag and show the lottery as patriotic and the one with the value of history and traditions.