UPS Logo

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UPS LogoWhatever modifications the UPS logo has gone through, it has been consistent in terms of the overall shape. The brownish color palette was present almost always, with the exception of the period from 1961 to 2003.

Meaning and history

UPS Logo history

In 1916, the United Parcel Service of America adopted its first logotype. It depicted an eagle with a tied package in its talons. The lettering on the package read: “Safe, swift, sure.” On the background, there was a bronze shield shape with a gold outline. The bird itself was dark brown. James E. Casey, the founder of UPS, chose the shield as the official emblem shortly after his company merged with a local rival.
It was only in 1937 that the current name of the company, UPS, appeared on the logo. The letters were of a noble gold shade. The shield’s shape was slightly altered, and there was also the lettering: “The delivery system for stores of quality.” In addition to this, there was the text “Since 1907,” referring to the year when the company was established.

Paul Rand’s emblem

emblem for UPS
Looking at the symbol designed in 1961, one cannot help but notice the curious combination of a medieval shield and a fun string-tied package above it. As Paul Rand, who created this logo, put it, “I do not use humor consciously, I just go that way naturally.”
The 1961 logo was notable not only for its sense of humor, but also for an absolutely new color palette. It was the only logo that used neither brown, nor gold. Instead, there was just black and white.

Current symbol

symbol UPS
The 2003 redesign has brought back the brownish hues. The shield looks modern without compromise with its minimalistic lines and sleek lettering.


Font logo UPS
Simple lowercased letters look recognizable due to the unusual shape of the “u” character.


Color UPS Logo
Throughout its entire history, UPS has stayed loyal to the color palette chosen almost a hundred years ago. The brownish and gold shades that appeared in the very first version of the UPS logo are still present in the current one.