Walgreens Logo

Walgreens Logo

Started as a tiny corner drugstore, Walgreens has grown into the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States.

Meaning and History logo

Walgreens Logo history

Throughout the first 50 years of its history, the pharmacy store chain used quite a humble logotype in gray cursive script. The 1981 Walgreens logo update brought about a new element – a depiction of a family, – as well as a new color scheme.

In 1993 the company introduced a more prominent logo, with red wordmark and a depiction of a mortar and pestle. In 1983 the mortar went red and was placed above the emblem.

The current Walgreens logo (2005) has preserved the cursive script, while the mortar had disappeared. The letters have been streamlined and broadened.

Versions of the emblem

Walgreens emblem

The company states that the preferred version of their logo is the brandmark paired with the tagline, which should be placed below. However, in some circumstances the brandmark may be used by itself or the position of the tagline may be changed.

One more interesting version is the Walgreens icon. It is officially nicknamed “Corner W icon” and is used in the situations where a smaller visual element would be more advantageous. It can be used either by itself or together with a headline. The icon exists in two color schemes: white and red or white, red, and blue. Also, it may appear in a color-gradient version.

Controversy connected with symbol

Walgreens symbol

If you have ever seen the logo that Rochester-based Wegmans began using back in 2008, you could have noticed the similarity to the Walgreens’ “Flying W”. That was the reason that made Walgreens sue Wegmans in 2010. However, Wegmans stated they actually used one of their old logos that was created much earlier than the Wegmans’, in the 1930s.


Font Walgreens Logo

The Wegmans logo features a beautiful script. Due to it, the wordmark looks as it has been handwritten.


Walgreens Logo color

The primary colors are red and white (for the background). For the tagline, black, green, and blue are used.