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Newegg is an American brand of computer hardware and accessories retailer, which was created in 2001 by Fred Chang. Today the company is not only selling products, but also manufactures it under the brand Rosewill.

Meaning and history

Newegg logo

The company’s name is a celebration of new life and a huge potential of the e-commerce. It appeared on the market, when online shopping wasn’t much popular and developed, but the brand made its bet and won.

The Newegg logo is composed of a wordmark and a graphical image. The wordmark in all-lowercase is slightly italicized and executed in bold traditional sans font with clean thick letters.

Logo Newegg

The Newegg emblem is an image of three eggs — two white and the yellow one in the middle. The eggs are layered, which creates an impression of eternity and progress.

The color scheme of the logo is blue, white and yellow, which symbolizes the brand’s creativity, energy and responsibility. The blue color of the wordmark adds a feeling of high quality of service the brand provides, while the combination of white and yellow of the emblem makes the logo fresh and crispy.