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Throughout more than 50 years of its history, the ASDA logo has always been more of a wordmark than an image. Although a couple of versions were embellished by graphic symbols, they were later replaced by more minimalistic logos.

Meaning and History logo

ASDA Logo history

The ASDA company appeared as the result of the merger of Asquiths and Associated Dairies in 1965. The earliest logo went well with the old name of the company – ASDA Queens. There was even a stylized crown above the letter “Q” to accentuate the “regal” theme.


Emblem ASDA

In 1968, the British supermarket retailer dropped the word “Queens” from its name and adopted the orange wordmark logo, in which only the first letter was capitalized. In 1970, the colors were inverted, while a stylized “wave” was added to the wordmark. The 1981 version featured a more complicated shape and a blue “wave”.


Symbol ASDA

In 1985, the era of simpler all-cap wordmarks started. The counters of the first and last letters in the original logo were colored yellow/blue and red respectively. In 1994, the colored counters were replaced by the white ones. In five years, the 3D effect, which had been already present on the logo, was emphasized. However, the company got rid of it as soon as in 2002.

The 2015 version emphasized the connection to the Walmart, ASDA’s parent company, by adding a “spark” to the top left corner. Yet, the current version does not include this element.


Font ASDA Logo

The geometric sans serif typeface looks extremely close to the rather popular font called Futura ExtraBold.


Color ASDA Logo

Since 1985, the designers have been experimenting with different shades of green. The current ASDA logo features the color with the code #33cc33.