Fabi logo

Fabi logoFabi Logo PNG

In addition to the wordmark insignia, the Fabi logo comprises an icon making the logo much better recognizable.


Fabi symbol

The emblem is built up of two letters “F.” One of them is given in its regular position, while the other is turned upside down. The letters are joined together by a single middle bar.

The drawback of the emblem is that it looks like the logo of a better-known fashion house, Chanel. By the way, the Gucci brand also uses a logo looking like a modified Chanel emblem.


Fabi emblem

The word “Fabi” placed under the icon features a classic bold serif typeface.

Fabi logo

The Fabi brand, which was established in 1965 in Montegranaro, is now known as a manufacturer of shoes, clothing, belts and other leather accessories.