Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

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Arizona State Sun Devils Logo
While the logo of the Arizona State Sun Devils has not remained the same over the previous half a century, it has been consistent in the palette and the main theme.

Meaning and history

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo history

If you take a look at the old Arizona State Sun Devils logo, which was introduced in 1980, you’ll see a cartoonish devil holding a pitchfork. It’s Sparky the Sun Devil, the official mascot of Arizona State University. The devil himself is maroon, while his face and the pitchfork are gold. You can also see white elements on the logo.
The following logo, which was unveiled in 2011, still referred to the Sparky Sun Devil theme, but the devil himself was no longer seen. Instead, there was only his pitchfork left. Like on the previous Arizona State Sun Devils logo, the pitchfork was gold with maroon trim. The white was now left for the background.

Arizona State Sun Devils football

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo
The Sun Devils’ first season was in 1897. Probably the most successful period for the football team has been between 1970 and 1975 when the Sun Devils posted a 64–9 record. They have won 17 conference titles, including three Pac-12 titles

Arizona State Sun Devils baseball

Arizona State Sun Devils emblem
ASU is proud of its baseball team considering it one of the most successful ones in the US. It has won five national championships and boasts the third most College World Series victories with 61. They have competed in the NCAA tournament 40 times.