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Ariston is an Italian brand of domestic appliance manufacturer. It was established in 1960. Today the company is known under the name Ariston Thermo and operates all over the world, specializing mainly in production of electric boilers.

Meaning and history

Ariston logo

The Ariston logo is a celebration of cozy home feeling. It’s burgundy and white color palette evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, while the modern custom typeface adds modernity and energy.

The custom font lettering is clean and laconic, neat all-caps wordmark is complimented by the brand’s emblem – a silhouette of the house with a window.

The brand’s name means “the best” in Greek and the company aims to provide their customers with the best products of the highest quality and contemporary design.

The Ariston logo is modern, powerful and dynamic, perfectly reflecting the feeling of harmony and happy home.