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Aquaman created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger is one of the “oldest” superheroes. The readers enjoyed the first comic book about this character in 1941. Now movie versions appear, which explains the fact that there are several versions of the Aquaman logo.

Meaning and history

Aquaman Logo history

2017 – 2018

Aquaman Logo 2017

That logo features the Aquaman symbol set against a deep sea background. The “AQUAMAN” is in the foreground. It is in white with a shiny drop shadow. In comparison with the new logo it is darker, which is the reason why it has been redesigned.

Aquaman first 2017 logo

Aquaman symbol

2018 – Today

Aquaman logo
Different versions of the movie have their own logos. The Warner Bros. version of the official logo for its movie that is to open in December, 2018 is the latest one. It was released in June, 2018.

It consists of the bold lettering “AQUAMAN” and the iconic symbol viewers can see on the character’s belt buckle. The symbol has the characteristic spearhead motif found throughout the Aquaman design. It also features the abbreviation “DC” in a circle at the top. It evidently pays tribute to DC Comics, the publisher of the original comic books. The whole logo is in light blue color, the color of water, and looks shiny.