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The number of the updates the Aquafresh logo has gone through during its almost 50-year history has reached at least eight.

Meaning and history

Aquafresh Logo history


Aquafresh Logo-1973

You can already see the italicized word “Aquafresh” and the toothpaste above.


Aquafresh Logo-1986

The name of the brand, which is given in a narrower type, is now blue. The toothpaste above is smaller.


Aquafresh Logo-1989

The blue is replaced by teal, the toothpaste moves below the wordmark and is now colored in three colors.

Logo Aquafresh


Aquafresh Logo-1992

The color grows brighter, the toothpaste disappears.


Aquafresh Logo-1996

The lettering adopts a rich, saturated shade of blue. The toothpaste colored red, white, and blue can be seen below.


Aquafresh Logo 1998

The letters are sloped a little more, the blue looks a bit lighter.

Emblem Aquafresh


Aquafresh Logo-2005

The blue grows much lighter.


Aquafresh Logo

The toothpaste now dominates the design.