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Esthechoc, a pioneering company in the health and beauty sector, was founded by Dr. Ivan Petyaev. The company specializes in producing a unique type of chocolate, termed as “beauty chocolate,” designed to enhance skin health through antioxidant properties. Esthechoc operates primarily in the United Kingdom but has gained an international presence, distributing its products across various countries in Europe and beyond.

Meaning and history

Esthechoc was founded by Dr. Ivan Petyaev, a Cambridge-based scientist, who utilized his expertise in medical research to develop an innovative product that merges the indulgence of chocolate with skin care benefits. Established in the early 2010s, Esthechoc represents a novel approach in nutricosmetics, offering consumers chocolate that contains high levels of astaxanthin and epicatechin, potent antioxidants known for their anti-aging effects.

The company’s main achievements include significant scientific breakthroughs in proving that daily consumption of their chocolate can improve the biomarkers of skin health, such as increasing oxygen saturation in tissues and improving skin microcirculation. These findings have been backed by clinical trials and have garnered attention in the beauty and health industries, establishing Esthechoc as a leader in edible skincare solutions.

Currently, Esthechoc continues to expand its market reach while maintaining a focus on research and development. The company aims to further solidify its position in the global market by continuous innovation and proving the efficacy of its products through rigorous scientific validation.

What is Esthechoc?
It is a company that combines the pleasures of chocolate with the benefits of skin care through scientifically developed beauty chocolates. Known for its antioxidant-rich products, Esthechoc aims to improve skin health with daily consumption of its specially formulated treats.

The Logo

Esthechoc Logo

The logo in question is for “esthetic,” which is described as “Cambridge Beauty Chocolate,” suggesting a combination of confectionery with beauty or health benefits. The word “esthechoc” is prominently displayed in a serif font that exudes elegance and sophistication. The use of lowercase letters for the brand name gives it a modern and approachable feel, while the color choice of chocolate brown evokes the primary product ingredient and aligns with the connotation of indulgence and luxury.

Beneath the brand name, the descriptor “Cambridge Beauty Chocolate” is written in a slender, uppercase sans-serif font, providing a clean contrast to the main wordmark. This logo aims to convey a sense of indulgence that is scientifically backed or contributes to the consumer’s well-being, fitting for a product to offer beauty benefits through the enjoyment of chocolate. The overall design is minimalist and clean, focusing on the quality and unique selling proposition of the product.