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AppFolio is the name of a California-based company, which was established in 2006 and is specialized in the development of software for property management. The company has a range of products for the real estate market, including not only software but also analytics and consulting.

Meaning and history

Appfolio Logo history

AppFolio is young but its progress amazes, thus in 2020 it was ranked the first in the list of the Fastest-Growing Companies by the reputable Fortune. The company expands with a really impressive speed, by developing its cloud-based software solutions, and buying other businesses in the real estate industry. Among the most important AppFolio acquisitions is MyCase, in 2012, RentLinx, in 2015, and Dynasty Marketplace, in 2019.

Today the company provides its services, covering more than six million properties across the USA, and its audience is constantly growing. The reason for AppFolio’s success is its customer-centric approach and immaculate support service. The company is always in search of new technologies and ways to make the property management processes easier and faster. And with the help of the AppFolio software, anyone can bring his real estate concerns into a digital field.

The company positions itself more like a business partner for its customers. AppFolio can do most of the work, allowing the clients to have more free time for their other businesses and families.

What is AppFolio?
AppFolio is an American company, founded in 2006 and specialized in software and services in the real estate market. The cloud-based products of the company help their customers to manage properties.

As for the visual identity, the American real estate software developer uses a sleek modern logotype, which evokes a sense of excellence and professionalism, as its lowercase letters are perfectly balanced. The logo has already been once redesigned, but the changes have mostly stayed unnoticed.


AppFolio Logo old

The original AppFolio logo was built around a lowercase logotype with the first letter placed on a solid contrasting circle. The lettering was set in a smooth and friendly sans-serif typeface with softened bold lines and rounded shapes of the letters. As for the color palette, there were several options for the AppFolio visual identity, but the primary version was set in a medium shade of gray, which looked calming and professional. Sometimes the insignia was accompanied by the “Property Manager” tagline, and it could be whether the wide uppercase inscription with lots of air in it or a more traditional version in the title case, set on the right side under the main AppFolio logotype. The tagline was always set in the color of the main lettering.


Appfolio Logo

After the redesign, the AppFolio logo fully retained its style, but a few modifications were made to it. First of all, now the primary version of the logo has no solid circle behind the smooth drop-shaped “A”, although sometimes you still can see it present. Secondly, the lettering itself was slightly refined, with more space between the characters, more rounded contours, a short curved tail of the “L” and a more traditional top part of the “F”. Thirdly, the company’s signifier, the “A”, has become bolder, and is now executed in lines of one thickness. The main color of the AppFolio insignia today is black, although bright blue is still present in the company’s visual identity concept.

Font and color

The AppFolio logotype is set in a custom sans-serif typeface with bold softened bars and rounded shapes of the letters. The “A” is stylized and has no analogs in commercial fonts, but all other characters of the inscription look pretty close to such fonts as Breul Grotesk B Light and Kaleko 105 Round Medium, but with some elements modified.

The color palette of AppFolio’s visual identity includes black, blue, and white, and depending on the placement the colors can substitute each other. This combination stands for professionalism and expertise and evokes a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

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