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Nordvpn is a software developed by Nord Security in 2012. It provides a high quality VPN services supposed to protect your data from hackers, help you bypass internet censorship and provide an encryption of your online communications. The instrument is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS. There are also setups for wireless routers and network-attached devices. They manage around 5600 servers in 59 countries.

Meaning and history

NordVPN Logo history

NordVPN was launched in 2012 as a project carried by a group of childhood friends led by Tom Okman. They received an all-round support from a Lithuanian seed accelerator named Tesonet. Later in May 2016, they’ve released their Android app, accompanied by an IOS software a month later, a browser extension in 2017, and an Android TV app in 2018. During these years, NordVPN grew into an international solution for individual users and organizations across the world.

What is NordVPN?
NordVPN is a Lithuanian VPN service with the servers located in Panama. It offers users to secure their online data from hackers and governmental structures, encrypt internet communications, and bypass online censorship. Their 5600+ servers operate in 59 countries, and the software itself is available on all the main platforms and operational systems.

2012 – 2018

NordVPN Logo 2012

The first logotype of the brand depicts the nameplate, featured to the right from a circle with an iceberg inside it. The inscription is written in two fonts, one of which has a semibold condensed style, while another one has capitalized sans-serif characters. The ice mountain has sharp ends of unequal length.

2018 – today

NordVPN Logo

The year of 2018 meant a new redesign of the NordVPN logotype. Now, the emblem became wider, and the iceberg incorporated in the circle received the same length of its ends.


NordVPN Emblem

The color palette of the NordVPN logotype is compiled of three main shades: blue, white, and black, which was replaced with gray in 2018 logo. The initial logotype depicts the dark blue circle with the white iceberg incorporated in it. To the right, we can see the name, which is one half black, one half bright blue. In 2018, the circle was lightened, and the nameplate became fully gray.


NordVPN Symbol

In the 2018 logotype, they’ve used a single typeface for the whole inscription. It has a semibold style with heavy sans-serif letters, which have small gaps in between. The ‘vpn’ word is capitalized, while the ‘nord’ caption features only the first character uppercase. Previously, they used a two-font style for the nameplate. The ‘nord’ wording was semibold, and its first character was uppercase. The ‘vpn’ acronym had a heavy sans-serif typeface.