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Canva is a graphic-design application, released in 2012 in Australia, and focused on creating various designs for photo and video content, especially popular in social media. Today the app is used all over the globe by professional and amateur designers, and the company’s value is estimated at 1 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Canva Logo history

2013 – 2021

Canva Logo 2013

The visual identity concept of the graphic-design applications hasn’t changed at all since the day of its initial logo release in 2012. This stability and consistency not only points to the company’s fundamental approach and seriousness but also shows its ability to predict trends and to create timeless designs, which can stay actual for years.

Today Canva has over 10 million users all over the world and provides them with easy-to-use graphical instruments and templates. One of the main specializations of the application is logo design. This is why it was very important for the company to create its perfect logo, and to show what a balance of color and shape means in practice.

The Canva logo, introduced in 2012, is composed of a solid turquoise circle with a white script lettering on it. Bright and tender, confident, and airy, the app’s emblem is a brilliant example of simplicity and style, which is memorable, eye-catching, and recognizable.

Canva is not just a graphical editor, but it is also an educational portal, which provides its users with a wide range of information, ratings, and tutorials on the logo and photo design. And the brand’s emblem reflects the online portal’s educational value and its wholeness.

The circle is the symbol of perfection, the beginning of everything, and Canva not only gives brushes and templates but also teaches them how to use them and opens the latest trends and actual styles.

2021 – Today

Canva logo
The 2021 Canva emblem uses largely the same wordmark as before. The letters are seemingly narrower and different in some places, but it’s largely the same thing. It was also given a new color scheme – a gradient of various shades of blue. Everything else from the logo was scrapped.


logo Canva

Besides its circular logo, the application also has an iconic, which is used for the mobile version, and website. Unlike the official emblem, the icon of the software featured square shapes with clean contours and straight angles. The gradient purple and blue color of the background is balanced by a simple and clean letter “C”, executed in the same script typeface as the main logotype, but boasting bolder lines.

The combination of purple and blue stands for the creativity and artistic side of the application, while white points to its professional qualities and shows the reliability and expertise of the software.

The balance between strict geometric shape and a smooth letter of the Canva icon is also a reflection of the brand’s philosophy — beauty in contrast.

Font and color

The elegant and smooth Canva logotype is written in a soft yet bold script typeface with the “C” capitalized. The custom font of the application’s visual identity looks pretty close to such commercial fonts as Gelato Fresco Medium, Elixir Brush, and Tilda Script Regular, but with contours of some letters modified.Canva emblem

The logo of the application can be used in two ways — a white inscription on a turquoise background, or the reverse version, where the bright blue lettering is set in white. Whatever the use is, the emblem always looks vivid and delightful.

Turquoise is the color, which stands for creativity, wisdom, and balance, and in a combination with white, it gives a sense of loyalty and friendship, showing the purpose of the application and reflecting the ease of its use for the beginners in design.

It is also a very calming and relaxing color scheme, which instills self-confidence, and ensures that everything is possible.